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Police Car Hire offers a wide range of services to the Film & Television Industry as well as leading the way with Emergency Vehicles in the media sector, we are run by Blue Light Emergency Group who are a public sector conversion and supply service, meaning all our
vehicles are operationally ready.

With an impressive showreel of productions it's easy to see why productions come to us for emergency vehicle hire as we are the only UK based company to offer fully converted blue light vehicles.
blue light demos 2021_edited.jpg

Action Vehicles 

Police Vehicles


Fire Appliances

 Military Vehicles 




Civilian Vehicles

 Period Vehicles 

Wedding Vehicles


Supporting Artists

With over 250 supporting artists on our books, we have a wide range of personalities that play different roles. They can be uniformed or non-uniformed depending on the requirements.


Equipment &
Prop Hire 

Police vehicles with working

lights and sirens 

Police batons (all types)

British and American


Duty belts with all attachments

Police badges

Riot shields

Body Camera's

And More!


Uniform Hire 

Are you looking for uniforms for your actors, Here at Police Car Hire UK we can supply these for you.

Police Uniforms

Ambulance Uniforms
Fire Uniforms 

Military Uniforms 

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Police car Hire UK
Police car Hire UK
Police car Hire UK
Police Car Hire UK
Police car Hire UK
Police car Hire UK
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